Founder's Note

Your search ends here. You will find what you have been looking for, at Klotthe. How do we know, you wonder? Because a search like yours is what made us launch Klotthe. We too were in pursuit of a place that sells exquisite yet contemporary home decors that flaunt the essence of India’s rich artistry and heritage, at rates that are not at all exorbitant. We tell you, we could spot the products, but then the prices put us off. And when we could finally find affordable prices, the products lacked the kind of flair we were seeking. At the end of our pursuit, we figured there is no such place where artistry goes hand in hand with affordability. For such an ideal place to exist, we need to launch one in the first place, it seemed. Hence, Klotthe! A brand that serves sterling home decor products and garments at sensible prices. We wanted the world to see the magic that Indian weavers craft. E-comm boom was on and we took that as a cue to take our services online, in 2019.
Our philosophy is simple. At Klotthe, aesthetics and affordability coexist.
Come, spot the home décor and garments of your choice. Happy Shopping!