1. How do I create a profile on Klotthe.com?

 It’s quite easy. Once you are on www.klotthe.com, follow the following steps:

  • Tap Create Account on the top.
  • Enter a User name, a phone number, an email address and a password.
  • Click Register

And Voila! You have an account on klotthe.com. Whenever you want to log in to your account, click on Your Account at the top right of our webpage. You just need to enter your e-mail address/user name and password to access your account.

  1. How can I track an order I place on Klotthe.com?

You can find the tracking information of your package in the Your Orders section. Also to make it easy, you can contact us on our whatsapp customer service number, we shall share the tracking details there.

  1. What can I return?

We follow "No questions asked" Policy. If you find the product you purchased physically damaged, undersized /oversized, defective or dissimilar to what you saw on our webpage, you may return your order.

  1. How can I return an item purchased on Klotthe.com?

Go to Returns & Exchange at bottom. Click the Initiate Return Link. We follow "No Questions Asked" policy, given its under the return window.

     5. When will I get my refund?

Once the return is confirmed by Klotthe, you will receive your refund  within 5-7 working days.

     6. Can my order be replaced?

Unfortunately, we don’t do replacements for the time being. You can cancel your order and place a new order.

     7. Can I place bulk orders?

Definitely! At the home page, you find a Contact us tab. Click on bulk orders under that tab and find the process of placing bulk orders.