Indian Craftsmanship

The Grandeur of Indian Craftsmanship- Fam Home (Klotthe)

India, a place which admires the magic of our rich culture, tradition and folks. We see the love in the weaves, story of different communities and lore of different states artisanship .The art here is not a handicraft ,it is the transmission of the feelings of an artist through which they pour the folklore of our country together. It is a great deal of fine sentiments which connect us together like the pearls in a necklace.

Well! Whenever we think of Indian handicrafts , the one line which echoes to our ear “ Indian art is a chaos “that gives us a glimpse of our ancient times reflecting the royal customs and lifestyle.  Indian craft is a legacy which we have inherited from our ancestors and to which we think as an entity that makes life more colorful and joyful. Remembering the old time when the women of the houses used to sit together, giggles  and create beautiful home decor products, more than the products that was the affection ,love and care towards our culture. Those decorative objects often spoke in a secret language, a language which tells us about our rich heritage, our roots, our customs and our traditions. The artisans carve the pieces in a manner, whenever we see it our heart fills with happiness and we form a unique connection with those crafts.

Klotthe, a brand of Fam Home which is synonymous to our Indian craft values that binds us unequivocally. The one’s which bring the tradition and equisity of art together. We see Indian handicraft not as a product but as an embodiment of craftsmen creativity, affection and labor and believe in creating a home that reflects your lifestyle and flaunts the rich Indian Craftsmanship. Through our era is influenced by the European culture but we believe in spreading the magic of Indian arts and keeping it alive across the globe, as Indian art is the akin to the magic created by an artist which bolsters the ethics and values of our country.