About Klotthe

Welcome To Klotthe Home

Our History

Launched in 2019, Klotthe is synonymous with excellence and virtuosity in home furnishing. Registered Company name is Fam Home.The concept of contemporary designs was rendered a gorgeous spun when we went ahead to merge traditional hand weaving techniques with the latest technologies in dyes, looms and stitching machines. We have never stopped astonishing our clients ever since. At Klotthe, we have mastered our trade, maintaining an exclusive focus on creating home furnishing products - floor rugs, linens and made-ups.

Our Vision

When Klotthe envisaged by Fam Home, we had two things in mind: explore the boundless prospects that our local market can offer, and thereby provide the best products to our client community at the lowest possible prices. At Fam Home (Klotthe), we manufacture most of our products locally which enable us to create the highest quality cotton fabrics within our own factories. As a result, we provide our customers top-notch quality products at prices significantly lower than what our competitors can offer. Not just that! We have an industry leading reputation for our on-time deliveries as well. All thanks to our in-house processes that allow tight control on our schedule. Long story short, our vision, and the effort we put into executing the same, paid off. For, Klotthe has always been raved about for the aesthetic nature of its products.  And the key to this, is our local handloom manufacturing.

Klotthe is not just another online business. We believe there are things we can do to improve the general state of affairs of the industry that we are part of. We believe it is in our capacity to empower the regional handloom industry. And we are doing our bit by procuring and delivering to you quality products directly from our domestic looms. Thus, we are serving both our valued customers and the local handloom sector.