Have you also thought of giving your home a makeover and sat back thinking that is a lot of work? Maybe not. You do not have to change everything in your room. Sometimes the slightest change can make a great extent of difference. Adding or removing something even shifting your furniture counts. Your mind has just got used to seeing the basic, ordinary image. You would not believe, a slightest change could do wonders.2020 was not the best year to comment on, but we all have our hopes together for the new beginnings. We wish you have made peace with past and fall in love with the present in the hope of a better future.

Here are some decorating ideas, or we should say here are ways to forget the past and to exquisitely love your present.

1. Change it up:

Inter-change the pillows in different rooms. Change pillow covers once a month add more if necessary Easy? Sure. Try changing the shapes of pillows you use. Do not stick to same shape and color for long. Try bolster pillows for a change. Try any color you like; we recommend vibrant colors like pink and green can add an amazing layout for the whole room.


2.Change the lightning of your room:

Also commonly known as “fairy lights”, string lights are a very interesting way to add a pattern and light to your room. These lights are very trendy and will definitely add a more relax and chill vibe to your room. A great way to use these lights are by making a canopy on your floor from any light fabric cloth, bed sheet or curtain. Add a fancy rug on the floor for a more pleasant look. Recommended below are the rugs that can be used to make a cute little canopy and are suitable for everyday use too.


3.Work on your chairs:

Yes, it might sound like it hardly makes a difference but believe us on this one. You can do a lot with the chairs. Easiest you asked? Add pillows at the back of your chair for a more comfortable look. Adding a pillow will add color to the chair and to the whole room. You can also start small by just adding a chair pad on your chairs, choose the chair pad color to your liking. Pick chair pads in a vibrant color if the room has more of light or neutral colors. A fun adds on about our chair pads are that they can also be used at the back of chairs as they are of required size and have a proper cushioning. This is more appropriate when you want extra comfort while using wooden or wicker rocking chairs. Top it with our lovely and fluffy chair pad to give it a more distinct charm, and use it whenever you need it. A more wholesome look and comfort are two sure things then.

 4.Add table mats:

Is the dining table set already? Sure, you are not missing on anything? Let’s see comfort? Check, style? Check and mood? Check. But what if you spill that tea or curry over the table? Table mats are here to rescue you from that trouble. Being extremely useful they also serve as a decorative piece on your dining table. Add a personal touch to your dining table by personalizing the tablemats. This is a special one because we have these exceptionally beautiful collection of handcrafted table mats with adorable designs.

5. A table runner can transform any dull table:

Style any cabinet, table runners for side tables, end tables and even on buffet tables, coffee tables, and ever bar carts for a more sophisticated look with our adorable handcrafted table runners.

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